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How to make BiaB sound better..again

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 8:59 pm    Post subject: How to make BiaB sound better..again Reply with quote

I hadn't yet joined the group yesterday when I saw this subject. I went to the Native Instruments site. I already have Kontakt in my mac, and was curious about the sound. Based only on the mp3 of the jazz band they put up on their site I'd have to say there are better sounding options out there but they usually cost more money. Something nearly as good as the NI thing is the virtual sound canvas and you may be able to find that free somewhere. It's better than most sound cards but not as good as samples. But you can't edit anything.

I don't know what NI spent their five gigabytes on but it wasn't the samples I heard. A sample player IS the way to go and the ones that live in computers are much less expensive than what I still use [ Kurzweil K2500 R and lots of expensive samples.] Maybe it's aimed at the hip hop crowd. 8 bit garbage is fine for that.

The acoustic bass sound I use came from Kurzweil Bass Gallery. I only use two bases from this CD it was around 300 bux ten years ago. Maybe stuff has gotten cheaper these days but it still sounds better, to me, than the NI ac bass. I didn't like many of the samples that came with Kontakt when I bought it either so maybe it's my taste in real instrument sounds. The price is right for the NI software synth and if it plays other sample formats it may be a good deal.

AGAIN my observations are ONLY based on that one mp3, I mainly didn't like the keyboard and bass sound. Drums aren't too hard to get right. I'd be looking at some of the less expensive versions of Giga Sampler if I were a pc person and wanted real sounding instruments. But I don't know the pricing. That could be hundreds more. Depending on your bass, coupla keyboard samples i.e. rhodes, wurlitzer, grand piano and drums and perc, it might be cheaper to get the NI thing and get compatible samples you like. If you like those sounds its a very good deal.

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