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New member from Belgium!

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:36 pm    Post subject: New member from Belgium! Reply with quote

Hey all, I just started my journey on the guitar, more specific the electric guitar and obviously I am -trying- to play Jazz. Inscribed myself into music school but tbh I don't really like the teacher. I told him to treat me as if I had 0 skill with guitar and the first thing he told me to do was to buy the book: "Real blues guitar". Now this book is quite good, it just bothers me my teacher tells me to play what's in there without anything to add.

Now when I want to learn something, I like to understand what I'm doing, as for that, the music theory I get I find more interesting than me guitar teachings.

Ive learned my pentatonic scales, all my forms, trying to learn all the notes or tones on the guitar now my question to all of you is. Any sites you recommend that actually go into learning the guitar rather then just learning to play songs?

Thanks so much in advance, sorry for all the questions just in my 1st post. I'm really exited about learning, playing, rehearsing, it's so powerful.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


You're asking a lot from what it appears as a very early stage of your guitar quest. Invariably this is a musical instrument not unlike most others. It has capabilities like many and some unique elements of its own. Guitar is without question an imperfect instrument and there is no perfect journey to acquiring skill. So Iím not going to recommend particular materials but some suggestions to aid your quest.

ē Guitar is a journey. Each discovery we make and master leads to a new discovery. Itís a natural part of the process. The more we understand, the greater our capacity to step beyond that understanding.
ē Do not quit! It takes years and years of continuous practice, learning and experience to become a decent player.
ē Do not overwhelm yourself! It appears you are already heading down that road as you are looking to get ahead of yourself. Itís common, been there myself. But donít be shocked when you have to take a step back somewhere along the way because of something missed.
ē Music theory IMO should be critically required knowledge. However many players have managed to become quite good without understanding theory. Jazz and blues are great examples of the dynamic as they often break/bend the rules of theory. So my preferred approach is to have a firm grasp of theory if for in the very least when the rules are bent, why does it work?
ē Learning tunes is a good and common way to further your knowledge. Not just playing the tunes (what's what I call a parrot) but *understanding* what, why and how its changes work, it's melody is 'catchy' and so on.
ē Finally, do not depend on a teacher to make you a good player, thatís your job! Use teachers and others to aid you, assist you, direct you on your journey. Otherwise, what do they care? Itís your journey, not theirs!

Good luck! And welcome!

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