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Jazz music on classic guitar
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PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2005 10:02 pm    Post subject: Re: jazz on classical Reply with quote

Jazz wrote:
I would suggest anything by Ralph Towner. He has a real intereting and "classical" approach to jazz. And he is never too obvious. I also like his unpolished but expressional sound and musical ideas. A lot of guitarist pick up the nylon string and just apply their electric style. I myslef find the nylon to be a totaly different instrument in a lot of ways. And when I play it the musical ideas differ very much from my sound on the electric.

To all you classical guitarist out there. Congratulations! You have a unike advantage in your skills even when it comes to jazz. Use it instead of loosing it in those long hours of building up the jazz chops.

Good Luck/

WORD! Towner did some excellent stuff on his onw, I also love his records with John Abercombie.

For more traditional stuff, play some bossa nova, the ol' Ipanema, etc.
I love Scot Joplin's ragtimes on guitar. And some specifically guitar rags, Piedmont blues style.
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2005 5:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Learn some Latin American msuic - Bossa Nova is a good place to start. Here's an area where the nylon string is king. Learn some chord shapes and accompany a singer or a sax player. Listen to the Brazilian masters!

You can probably tell - I'm on a Jobim kick at the moment.

I digress, but:

On these '60s records, the Brazilian guys make the North Americans sound really bad - hurried, pushed, ahead of the beat. I tested my girlfriend, who is an excellent musician, in a double blind, and she could spot the difference between a Brazilian and US rythm section every single time. It's a real feel thing...

I'm know I'm going to get a lot of hackles raised, but to my ears, Charlie Byrd just isn't very good at bossa. The recording of Desafinado with Stan Getz sounds like a poor joke in comparison to the lilting vocal release with a Brazillian rythm section, and Byrd's solo on it is very poor. Also to my horror, Kenny Burrell is quite bad at Bossa! As I'm a big Burrell fan normally, what stuff should I check out to hear Byrd in his element?
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