At Pizza Express Jazz Club, Soho, London
Friday Feb 22nd
12:00 noon until 3:00pm

I'm doing something a little different while I'm on tour early 2019 in London, England. I'm going to present a jazz guitar masterclass for a limited number of people (25) before one of my shows. This is something I rarely do but this opportunity was too exciting to pass up.

There is a great deal we can cover. But more than simply spoon feeding you typical guitar instructional material that frankly any good teacher can do, I want to bring something to the table that is perhaps somewhat unique to me.

So, we can talk about my style of playing and how I arrived at it, and why. My compositional style and recordings. and so on...

But what I really want to talk about is you. What style of playing are you interested in? What are you looking to achieve with your guitar playing? What are you struggling with?

Some subjects we can discuss:

1) Traversing the fretboard. Harmonic vocabulary. Fluency.
2) Phrasing
3) Chord melody
4) Composition
5) Finding your unique voice
6) How to be successful as an artist in today's music business

I want to help you eliminate weaknesses in your guitar playing, focus on the most important aspect of your guitar practice and ultimately find your own truly unique voice.

I'm fascinated with artistry. You know, what makes one artist different from another. What drives an artist. What sets one artist apart from the crowd. Why some artists get ahead and others struggle. We can chat about all this.

And we will relate it all to the guitar. We cannot be artists without some basic fundamentals. And whilst I don't really want to focus on fundamentals too much in this masterclass, we can certainly talk about some things I feel are of utmost importance to becoming a great player and some ideas to get you on a fast track to achieve that.

I'll be doing some playing, and quite possibly with you on stage with me. This will be a loose easy going fun afternoon and hopefully you will be totally inspired. That is my ultimate goal.

The first five to sign up for this masterclass will get free admission to any one of my shows at the Pizza Express Jazz Club that week!

Admission to the masterclass is $120.00 (US dollars. Approx £92). I strongly urge you to book early for this as there is very limited seating. Any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at chris @ - I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Yes I want to attend this masterclass
25 max - book now to reserve!