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From: Chris Standring

Chris Standring

Dear fellow guitarist,

How do you feel about your guitar playing right now?

Well, if you're like most intermediate players, you're probably struggling to learn music theory. And after some years of playing, using the same old shapes and patterns, you no doubt find yourself in a musical rut - or more appropriately, an unmusical one!

Harmony and theory have taken a back seat as you have scraped by up until now "playing by ear". What is more, when you hear great guitar players improvising effortlessly, you feel more than a little envious...

Does this sound like you?
Wouldn't you like to increase your musical vocabulary? Wouldn't you like to play the guitar with no restrictions? Jump from one musical situation to another with utmost confidence? If so, please read on because I have been exactly where you are and I have some wonderful news for you...

It's a whole new approach...

To be quite frank, learning the guitar is not an easy task - at any level. There is always more to know, and achieving results takes patience, commitment and a great deal of focus. But I have a few dynamic short cuts up my sleeve...

I am a jazz recording artist, with a string of successful records on my hands, and frankly looking forward to having many more. I set up this site because in my reasonably long tenure as a jazz guitarist I see few books that effectively communicate how to approach the concept of teaching jazz guitar.

I wanted to put together a course that was effective, understandable and practical. That is not to say that jazz guitar is something that can be taught and learned easily. Far from it.

But I wanted to put something together that could be studied at home, along with the advantages of new technology and a system that not only works effectively but appeals to those that are looking to work hard and thoroughly.

I am talking about a new method entitled: "Play What You Hear- a unique, complete home study course for the improvising jazz guitarist."

The idea is simple. Great musicians can pull a melody out of a hat and run with it. They can very often hear a song and translate it to their instrument immediately. They have no restrictions at all.

Most guitar players on the other hand tend to play by shapes and patterns, thereby restricting their aural facility and resigning their vocabulary to a small library of rehearsed shapes, licks and patterns.

Whilst this is all well and good, wouldn't you like to break out of this cage and open yourself up to a new level of musical freedom?

"Chris - Your course is simply the best!!!!!!!!! I appreciate the time you spent on attention to detail, making it fun, making it real and most of all it holds your attention. A great boon for those serious but struggling like me. I, like many, have stacks of guitar course books that I briefly managed to get into but then they went on to make great dust collectors. What really encouraged me to buy your course is that you have such a high spirit and great attitude for the art of music and it shows in the way you've designed this course, and on top of that when I first went to your web site and heard you playing, well, you know who I thought it was....... George Benson sounds like you; not the other way around. Well done!" - Garland Tabb PWYH v.2.3 student

"Chris - I've studied with several instructors, and worked through at least 23 different books and I can say without a doubt that the unique and effective approach of your course is untouched by anything I've ever worked with. Your course is more than a bargain - it's a dynamic process that has already begun to transform my playing to a much better place - and your prompt attentiveness to one of your 'students' is part of what makes that transformation so effective. Thank you so much!" -
Larry Feinstein PWYH v.2.0 student

"The best lessons I ever had in such a short amount of time! The CD has greatly improved my understanding of jazz and sight reading and improvising and knowing the fretboard in ways I never thought possible. It's really given me a big boost of confidence - yours sincerly
Steven Kunoth - PWYH v.2.0 student.

"Thanks Chris, I just wanted to tell you that so far your PWYH method is brilliant! It's as if the whole thing has been out of reach to me and I just haven't been able to figure it out. The melodic patterns prove it. They're so easy to create and they're moving me out of the rock-n-roll box I've been stuck in for, I'm embarrassed to say, 30 years"
. - Michael Fiorillo PWYH v.2.0 course student

"Man. I just have to tell you, I love the course. So far it's great. My wife couldn't believe the difference in my playing after just one day!" - Kevin Long PWYH v.2.0 course student


Ron Eschete

"Chris Standring's Play What You Hear is By far the most innovative and effective ear training program for guitarists I have ever seen!"
- Ron Eschete, renowned educator and recording artist.


Here's the good news; You don't have to unlearn. All the cool licks you have ever learned up until now have a definite place in your musical vocabulary and should not go ignored. I am talking about a new world of musical facility however. The highest level.

With this home study course you can, in your own time, teach your fingers to obey what your ear tells you - all in a relatively short space of time. Can you imagine how fulfilling this would be?

"PWYH is great, I am really enjoying it, and taking my time with each part. It has added a considerable amount of fuel to the fire for me, and my playing has opened up already. I think the biggest benefit from the early exercises is that I am becoming fearless in my movement around the fretboard, and I enjoy trying to traverse the frets in odd and interesting ways, and with a 90% success rate at that! It's very liberating. I love PWYH!! Thanks a lot!" -Travis Roberts PWYH v.2.0 student.


In this jam packed course you will

  • Discover how to play melodies, absolutely anywhere on the guitar fretboard, without even having to look at the guitar neck!

  • Recognize sounds against simple and complex harmonies

  • Learn quickly how to avoid wrong notes and stress strong sounds.

  • Discover fretboard harmony so you can "see" things that you have not seen before.

  • Learn melodic patterns relating to all chords, in all positions and in all keys.

  • Discover a simple system to learn all the most advanced jazz chords without having to learn 6 billion shapes.

  • Learn a whole new vocabulary and have enough instruction to last you the next 15 years, I guarantee! ...And much more...
Why should you take notice?

Because, first and foremost, I am an established professional jazz recording artist who plays with some of the finest and most respected jazz musicians in the world. I have spent the last 30 years in many many different musical situations, be it following a conductor in a Broadway style musical, to reading the heaviest chart on a Hollywood recording session, to performing in front of thousands of people with my own contemporary jazz group. Every musical situation has always been different and I always wished I could have somehow prepared for each one just a little bit better.

So I have put together a course that I wished I had studied all those years ago. It is essentially a method that has manifested out of experience, a document for all guitarists wanting inside secrets into the world of jazz guitar. In short it is tried and tested.

But don't take my word for it. Read a few words from others...

Real Success Stories From Regular People Just Like You...

"Dear Chris, I've been working with your course for a few weeks now, and am really pleased with it. It provides a lot of the structure I was looking for, seems comprehensive, and lets me control the pace. The embedded tunes are a great asset as well. On top of all that, I was stunned at your responsiveness to personal questions by email--a bonus I hadn't anticipated! All in all I'm having a fine time. The course delivers far beyond the amount I paid for it. I'd recommend it highly!" Thanks" Tod Schneider PWYH V.2.0 course student

"Chris - I have to truly complement you on your course because as someone who has been collecting guitar methods dating back to 71 (Hompespun, Hot Licks, REH, Book/CD combos, videos, DVD's, and so much more) yours truly stands among the very best. Maybe if I had come across it sooner I wouldn't have had to buy every method I saw out there that only provided a piece of the overall puzzle. Thanks again and I'm sure glad I gave your method a second look!" Edgar Villanueva PWYH v.2.1 course student

"Hi Chris, I am about one-third along in Play What You Hear. I must tell you that PWYH is absolutely the best instructional series I have ever purchased--and I have bought them by the dozens! I compliment you on arranging the course in a logical, sequential manner. I especially like your Play Alongs and your fretboard chord/scale/embellishments visualization concepts. I love your "Hip Sway" album. Great tone and innovative style." - Dan Harvey PWYH 2.1 course student

"This is a great course, thank you so much. I love learning new stuff. It's an ingenious method with the Internet as such a great tool. I love that I can hear the music at the push of a button". - Darryl Bouchard - "Play What You Hear" course student


Why not take a look at one or two example lessons...

Play What You Hear
Throughout the program there are (html5) audio"play along" tracks so you can practice hearing the sound of melodic patterns, scales, examples etc. at the click of a mouse.









In this course you will learn about:

  • The major scale and its use

  • Variations on the major scale/simple melodic patterns

  • The diatonic scale - analysis

  • Diatonic sounds and their relative chords

  • Seeing is conceiving (visualizing harmony)

  • More melodic patterns

  • Diatonic sounds through moving key centers


  • Embellishing chordal accompaniment

  • Voice leading and chordal accompaniment

    Playing over changes

  • The linear method and changes

  • Stepwise resolution: bebop

  • b9 resolutions

  • The diminished scale and linear exercises

  • Diminished patterns for dominant b9 chords

  • More b9 resolutions

  • The back-cycling turnaround

  • b9 resolutions for back-cycling

  • The relative minor turnaround

  • The melodic minor scale and b5 resolutions

  • Melodic minor patterns for dominant b5 chords

  • b5 resolutions

  • #5#9 resolutions

  • The blues scale

  • Recognizing triads

    Phrase development

  • Motifs, themes and variations

  • Sequential 2, 5 resolutions

  • Tritone substitution

  • Sequential tritone resolutions

  • And now to the music - example jazz standard sequences

Now available - super high rez spiral bound print workbook!

Until recently, this course was 100% online with a printable pdf. I now have a limited amount of these beautiful spiral bound print workbooks I can offer you. Step through to order and there will be an option to add this.

Save Money ... Save time ... Start Now!

Imagine taking jazz guitar lessons with a private teacher every week for 15 years . Let's say you spend fifty bucks for a private lesson. Let's say you take 40 lessons a year, that's two grand a year spent in tuition fees. Multiply that by 15 years and you have spent $30,000. That's a great deal of money. That's also money well spent I happen to think.

But what if I told you I could give you 15 years worth of instruction, at the highest level, for just about the price of just two of those private lessons. Would that be worth it to you?

I personally guarantee that you will be playing jazz guitar in no time. I'm so convinced that this course will be the answer to your dreams that I will offer you a Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee!

Aren't you tired of the same old chords, the same old patterns and shapes? Wouldn't you like to navigate effortlessley through chord changes, whilst playing beautiful melodies?

Well, if your answer is yes....here's what my system has to offer...

I want to welcome you to a whole new world. It's a world that you can benefit from for the rest of your life. It's a whole new way of thinking. It's a fresh new concept and it's presented in a clear easy-to-understand format.

You will learn brand new things on a daily basis! This course is packed with tons of interactive diagrams, charts, notations, techniques, secrets, principles, background audio tracks to practice to and much much more! These techniques have been tested and proven to work which is why I offer a Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee!

PWYH version 4.0 is now here!!
New features include:
  • Guitar TAB!

  • Over 300 rhythm section audio examples and play along files - Thanks to Peter Erskine & Steve Gadd!

  • Jazz guitar audio examples played by Chris Standring!

  • Super fast streaming audio!

  • Quick & simple online access - get to your course in minutes!

  • Additional pdf files so you can print out the whole program!

  • Super high resolution image and audio files!
About the latest version: Play What You Hear 4.0

I'm really excited to present the latest and greatest upgraded Play What You Hear version 4.0!

Many students have asked me if I would include Guitar TAB. Well, reluctant as I was, I understood that there were just too many players out there not yet comfortable with reading music notation. So now the whole course has TAB under every single music example!

Not only that, I decided it was time for students to be able to click an audio button to hear every single musical example, something that will help immensely when it comes to learning musical vocabulary.

There are now over 300 audio examples you can click on, along with TAB and musical notation throughout the course. And with super fast streaming flash audio technology, the whole course brings a new meaning to the word interactive!

Click here to see what I'm talking about.

There is also an additional pdf file so you can print out the entire course (164 pages). This is very helpful as it enables you to practice away from the computer from time to time; you know give your eyes a little break!


Hear a melody anywhere and play it instantly on the guitar!

With my course you will learn how to play virtually anything you hear! You will learn a whole new "horizontal" concept which will enable you to play endless melody. Guitar playing without restrictions!

Everyone has their favorite songs. My course will enable you to play all your favorite songs in no time at all! Furthermore, you will have at your fingertips, a complete harmonic vocabulary to enhance your own compositions. It's a wealth of musical inspiration!
  • A step by step program that takes you through every aspect of jazz guitar

  • Super fast streaming audio enables you to practice endless melodic ideas "hearing" the harmony behind you.

  • Clear and professionally presented notation and charts - explained in an easy to understand way.
Hear it from the experts...


"Apart from your ears, this is the only resource you'll ever need to master the jazz guitar" -
Jon Dalton recording artist

"By far the most innovative and effective ear training program for guitarists I have ever seen! Simply the best learning method to come along since Jamie Abersold. Chris has hit on something really good and much needed today. Players of my generation learned to play on the bandstand as we were forced to "play what we heard" and if we didn't, we had to get it together pretty darn quick. This course will help speed up that learning process rapidly. I will recommend this course to my students highly".
- Ron Eschete Recording artist and educator

"This course is amazing - really comprehensive. It's like my 3 years I spent at Humber College of Music in Canada, all on one CD!"- Tony Smith guitarist with Roy Ayers.

"Chris Standring once again shows that those who CAN, teach. Standring teaches with an intuitive flair that is very rare in the glutted world of jazz guitar education". Highly recommended. Chris markets a no-nonsense jazz guitar methodology. A true Pedagogue. An authoritative addition to the many hats of composer, performer, recording artist and jazz musician". - Prof. Richard Smith Chair, Studio/Jazz Guitar Department USC Thornton School of Music

"Chris Standring's instructional CD "Play What you hear" is one of the most comprehensive and easy to use instructional CDs on the market today. Whether you are just beginning or already a pro, into jazz or funk, this CD has something for everyone. It's so convenient to have the audio and the transcripts together on one page! One big step ahead in guitar instruction!! And I've heard them all!! You can pay for expensive private lessons for years or make one small payment and have the same info at your fingertips with "Play what you hear". I highly recommend it". - Allen Hinds Guitar instructor G.I.T. studio guitarist and touring sideman with Patti Austin, Randy Crawford, BeBe Winans, Ricky Lawsen band.

"Play What You Hear" Chris Standring, an accomplished guitarist, composer, and educator, has created a superb learning experience for the aspiring jazz guitarist. It's both fun to use and easy to comprehend. Highly recommended!" - Mark Stefani jazz guitarist, composer and educator.


But that's not all...

Bonus #1: Jazz Guitar Talk

I'm giving away a very important document when you purchase this program. It's called "Jazz Guitar Talk: Great players discuss what it takes to be great!

Twelve of the world's finest jazz guitarists openly talk about what it takes to truly rise to the top of the jazz guitar tree. They discuss jazz education, practice routines and offer personal philosophies that enabled them to master their instrument.

Pat Martino,
Steve Khan, Jack Wilkins, Richard Smith, Sid Jacobs, Mike Clinco, Pat Kelley, Jeff Richman, Henry Johnson, Mark Stefani, Bruce Forman and Larry Koonse all reveal what it took for them to become some of the best jazz guitarists of our time.


Bonus #2: Chord Finder and Ear trainer

I have also included a Chord Finder, something that I personally developed and put together. If you need to look up a chord, simply go to the chord finder and click on any key, then the type of chord you need to find, and a menu of 3 different chord shapes comes up, each with a photo (from student perspective), and chord diagram. Click on any image and hear that chord. These chords are not synthesized, they have been recorded by me personally so you can hear the characteristics of the guitar.

The purpose (in this particular course) of this chord find system is actually much more than a resource to find a chord. Each chord voicing has an audio sound attached to it and you can use these to isolate certain chords to practice your scales and chord sounds to. There is no better aural training in my view than to isolate individual chords and practice what notes sound strong and what notes sound weak over them.


And if this simply wasn't enough...

Bonus #3: Chris Standring's 2010 ground breaking album 'Blue Bolero'
I'm also giving away my 2010 album "Blue Bolero" - a smash hit #1 album across the USA!

"Blue Bolero adds up to a worthy 14-track collection with material that demands repeated listens. This is Standring's most striking release so far." - Guitarist UK Magazine

Now picture this: You have been playing for a couple of years since you bought this course, your playing has taken on a whole new level. You may be playing professionally and jumping around town sitting in with several trios, quartets, quintets and not only making a living playing music, but just as importantly, establishing a respectful name in the jazz world.

Now stop and look back on today. What price tag might you have put on the information I have given you? Well I thought about this long and hard and arrived at the affordable price of $97

I want this program to be affordable to serious students like you!

For a limited time, I want you to have the complete "Play What You Hear" home study jazz guitar course for just $97

Your "Nothing to Lose And Everything To Gain" Guarantee!

Play jazz guarantee When you buy "Play What You Hear", I personally guarantee that your guitar playing will take on a whole new level. Otherwise you can return the course and I will refund you 100% (including your shipping!) I make this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, (but naturally skeptical) -- not the 1% who'll take advantage of me.

If you've read the testimonials from my customers and peers, you've already seen what my product can do for you. I teach the simplest, most easy-to-understand techniques, secrets, and principles to learning jazz guitar, available anywhere today.

Don't forget - order the complete course now for just $97 and save!! This offer won't be here for ever!

Take care,

PS Don't forget - order now and get your copy of "Jazz Guitar Talk: great players discuss what it takes to be great!" AND my unique Chord Find system, AND my Blue Bolero album (download) , all absolutely free!

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