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* Includes high def video + audio. * Traditional notation and TAB
Learn to play
* Endless melody
* Master the art of Bebop
* Advanced harmonic mechanisms
* Song intros
*Song endings
*Inversions of every chord
* Practical application of examples
* Superimposing harmonic ideas
* Six transcribed video performances

Expected release: December 2016

Discover the secrets to becoming a great jazz guitarist!
12 world class players talk about what they think it takes to get there. Pat Martino, Steve Khan, Jack Wilkins are some of the legendary guitar players that know what it takes. Download this free e-book right here!


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Chris Standring has a brand new album released called TEN. (March 11th 2016). Sample the entire album right here. Click the play button.

Jazz Guitar Lessons & Programs

Level 2 & 3:
Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 1

By Chris Standring

From intermediate to advanced, this cutting edge video software program presents Chris Standring in the first of a jazz guitar masterclass series. In this 11 lesson online program Chris discusses building vocabulary, connecting new phrases to existing vocab, rhythm & comping including walking basslines and comping at the same time, and six live performances by Chris, all transcribed with notation and TAB. Comes with play along tracks, spiral bound workbook and optional DVD.

"Chris - you lay it out very clearly and the musical ideas are all super cool, especially the II - V - I bebop phrases. I also liked your solos over "All the Things You Are" and the other tunes, too. In fact, all your solos have good, solid construction and a very swinging feel. I think this course will be very helpful to anyone that's looking to play over changes. Playing through this course will give the serious student of the instrument a more linear way to play up and down the neck, and in turn expand their range on the guitar. I can tell a LOT of work went into this project....All the best!" - Carl Verheyen, LA studio guitarist

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Level 2 & 3:
Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 2

By Chris Standring

From intermediate to advanced, Chris Standring presents the second of his jazz guitar masterclass series. Focusing entirely on improvising in chord melody style, Chris discusses the art of playing melodies with chordal accompaniment in the style of the great master jazz guitarists like Joe Pass, Ted Greene and George Van Eps. In this 11 lesson program Chris discusses building harmonic vocabulary, amassing ideas over the 2, 5 and 1 chord families as well as performing 3 solos on camera, utilizing all the information he discusses throughout the program, all transcribed with notation and TAB. Comes with play along tracks, spiral bound workbook and optional DVD.

"Hello Chris. I have had a quick glance through the program and I can honestly say that it is brilliant. The next 6 months are going to be exciting for me. I would really like to thank you for all the work you have put in to it. It will be invaluable to me!" - Michael Watters

"Hi Chris - I thought that JGVM vol 2 really hit the mark. It's the kind of instruction that makes playing guitar fun. I've always leaned toward playing the standards; in particular ballads. The tunes you provided and the treatment afforded each was just right for someone like myself. Nice job!" - Bob DeVivo.

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Level 2 & 3:
Play What You Hear

By Chris Standring

Chris Standring's flagship jazz guitar instructional program, taking you from intermediate to advanced level, this highly acclaimed course teaches you how to "play what you hear". You will learn the jazz vocabulary and understand how to improvise using this vocab over many different harmonies. You will learn to hear major, melodic minor and blues scales and learn harmony and how to see it all very simply on the fretboard. Over 300 audio examples and tons of play along tracks.

"By far the most innovative and effective ear training program for guitarists I have seen! Simply the best learning method to come along since Jamie Abersold. Chris has hit on something really good and much needed today Players of my generation learned to play on the bandstand as we were forced to 'play what we heard' and if we didn't, we had to get it together pretty darn quick. This course will help speed up that learning process rapidly. I will recommend this course to my students highly!" - Ron Eschete Concord Recording artist and educator

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Jazz Guitar Lessons with Chris Standring
Join The Inside Track with Chris Standring

This new private member's site includes: *Inside Track TV, an exclusive TV show featuring a special guest jazz guitar superstar! *Play Along Tracks - super high quality! *Exclusive Jazz Guitar Lessons - made to order! *Video Performances & Transcriptions! *All Chris Standring's highly acclaimed guitar instructional programs - all in one place! *And much more! The Inside Track is now live! Sign up now!

  Introducing The Inside Track with Chris Standring

Jazz guitar lessons

Hi I'm Chris Standring and I run PlayJazzGuitar.com - the website you have just landed at. I've been ensconced in the jazz guitar world for about 25 years now. I've made many records and it's time to give back a little. I'm very interested in creating new effective ways to teach the jazz guitar language and since the success of my Play What You Hear CD ROM program I am intrigued to be able to capitalize on that interactive idea to present new programs in the future.

Do subscribe to my newsletter as I have many cool items of jazz guitar news for you, including a ton of free lessons. The subscribe box is over to the right here.....>

We have a thriving jazz guitar forum where hundereds of like minded jazz guitar aficionados get together and chat about all aspect of jazz guitar.

I have a section that features jazz guitar articles I have personally penned. I have many thoughts about the artistry of jazz guitar, particularly as I am often going through issues myself and I like to get my thoughts down on paper.

Check out the all new jazz guitar solo transcriptions section. This will grow to be a great resource for all players wanting to expand their melodic vocabulary.

I also have a growing library of free jazz guitar lessons targetted at the beginner, intermediate and advanced student.

If you are looking for systematic step by step jazz guitar lessons to really improve your playing, I invite you to check out my programs. My Play What You Hear course has stood the test of time where thousands of students have become fantastic players.

I am also very excited to announce that my new Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass series is now officially released. Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass volume one focuses on single note soloing and playing through chord chnages, whereas Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume two focuses 100% on chord melody in the style of Joe Pass.

I have now officially launched The Inside Track, a private member's site - a one stop for all your jazz guitar study needs, and a whole lot more. Check out the Inside Track here.

Thanks for dropping by, don't be a stranger, and do drop me a line, I'm always happy to get feedback and answer any questions..


New jazz guitar solo transcriptions recently added:

Pat Metheny: Warm up routine from Seminario in Italia.
Another Pat Metheny warm up routine.
Grant Green: On Green Dolphin St.
Peter Bernstein: Waltz New
Peter bernstein: Sweet & Lovely
Jonathan Kreisberg: All Of You
Lage Lund: All The Things You Are
Lage Lund: Green Dolphin St
Lage Lund: How Deep Is The Ocean
Lage Lund: You Stepped Out Of A Dream
Pat Martino: Impressions
Pat Metheny: All The ThingsYou Are
Mike Moreno: Airegin
Mike Moreno: All The Things You Are (Live in Paris)
Mike Moreno: All The Things You Are (with Aaron Parks)
Mike Moreno: All The Things You Are (with Julian Lage)
Mike Moreno: Isotope
Mike Moreno: Out Of Nowhere
Mike Moreno: Woody N You
Joe Pass: Night & Day
Adam Rogers: Beautiful Love
Adam Rogers: Bobo
Adam Rogers: Dexterity
Adam Rogers: Let's Cool One
Adam Rogers: Long Ago And Far Away

New free guitar lessons:

The Melodic Minor Modes
Chris Standring breaks down the seven melodic minor modes and how to apply them.

Building Melodic Vocabulary
Chris Standring talksabout effective ways to expand your jazz guitar vocabulary.

Building Chord Melody Vocabulary
Chris Standring talks about playing jazz guitar chord melody, in particular over two-five-one chord progressions.

Exclusive interviews with world renowned jazz guitarists:

Mike Stern
Ben Monder

Pat Martino
Steve Khan
Tim Miller

More Free jazz guitar lessons

By Chris Standring

The Back-Cycling Turnaround
Learn how this simple 2-5 sequence can be used as a jazz substitution.

Crazy Triplets
Discover how to play blistering jazz lines using a simplified technique.

Diminished Vocabulary
Using diminished vocabulary we can play lines over dominant chords and create some harmonically interesting melodic ideas.

Playing Outside
Playing outside the key center successfully requires some harmonic knowledge and a strong sense of phrasing. Discover how in this jazz guitar lesson.

Song Endings
Ending a jazz standard well separates the men from the boys. It also shows others how seriously you take the genre. In this free jazz guitar lesson you will learn three different ways to end a standard song.

Take That Scale & Shove It
There are neat tricks we can adopt to spice up our melodic lines, harmonically. Creating tension, shifting up in minor thirds is one effective technique.

Take That Scale & Shove It Further
In this follow lesson, you will learn how to generate even more harmonic tension using minor third intervals.

A free video guitar lesson for advanced players entitled
"Improvisation In The Style Of Bach"

New articles:

Performance Nerves
By Chris Standring

For many years I would have private classical guitar lessons. I would get on a bus and go to my guitar teacher's house and watch him warm up and maybe play through something he was working on. Then he would ask me to perform what I had been working on that week. I was a diligent student. I worked bloody hard. And I have an inbuilt competitive thing that has been with me for a long time, and won't go away. But it is this that also drives me to do my best, and hopefully succeed. More

How To get A Great Jazz Guitar Sound
By Chris Standring

I get many emails from people asking me how to get a great clean jazz guitar tone. I'm always a little perplexed when I hear this because a good jazz guitar sound is simply the cleanest setting you can get on an amp. Now if someone said to me, "how do you get a great overdrive guitar sound", that might be more challenging as there seem to be a million different distortion tones to choose from. However, the more I think about the clean jazz guitar sound question, the more I think I understand the problem. More

More great Jazz Guitarists here:

Bill Frisell
Charlie Christian

Django Reinhardt
George Benson
George Van Eps
Grant Green
Jim Hall
John Mclaughlin
Joe Pass
John Scofield
Kenny Burrell
Larry Carlton
Lee Ritenour
Pat Martino
Pat Metheny
Tal Farlow
Wes Montgomery


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