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If you have purchased a copy of "Play What You Hear" or "Guitar Made Simple" and you have some support issues please read the following frequently asked questions in order to resolve your problem. If you cannot find an answer here you can contact us via email below.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I have not received my course, how long should I expect it to take?
    If you live within the USA it should take no longer than 2 weeks, usually less. If you live outside the USA it can typically take a little longer but not more than 3 weeks. If you haven't received your course, send a support ticket with your order id # or name you used to order the course and we will look into it right away

  • I am having problems opening the PWYH ebook program. I am running Windows Vista.
    Right click on the EBook reader shortcut and choose RUN AS Administrator.

  • My computer crashed and I lost the PWYH download course. How can I get it back.?
    Send a support ticket, we will send you your download info once again.

  • I want to upgrade from a previous older version, how do I do that?
    If you purchased a download version of PWYH you can get lifetime upgrades for free. However, the CD ROM version will need to be purchased again (at a 50% discount). To get your upgrade
    go here

  • I signed up for the 18 week masterclass but I haven't received some of the emails
    Sometimes the autoresponders fail to go out for some bizarre technical reason. You can either re-subscribe to the masterclass series or better still, go to the members area where you can find all the lessons in one place.

  • The program says I am registered for 5 years. I thought I bought this program for life?
    This is nothing to worry about. The program automatically renews itself after that time. This pertains to the download version of Play What You Hear only.

  • Where are my bonuses that are supposed to come with the course I purchased?
    They can all be accessed from the top menu of your course program.

  • What is your refund policy?
    It is a lifetime guarantee. However, one or two people abuse this policy which makes it no fun for the rest of us, so please treat this policy with the utmost respect. These courses have been designed with extreme care and for those serious about learning, there should never be any reason to return them. However, if you insist for whatever reason, send a support ticket with your order id #, and you will be sent simple instructions to obtain your refund.

  • The download version of Play What You Hear that comes free with the PWYH/GMS bundle says it is for MAC. I have Windows, what should I do?
    The mac version works perfectly well on both mac & pc.

  • I can't hear any audio when I click the buttons, do I need to install anything?
    The course program uses flash audio so you should have the flash plugin. Practically every computer now comes loaded with the flash plugin so this should not be an issue now. However, if you have an old computer, you should make sure you have this flash plugin. You can download it here. If you still have problems, the issue will be on your computer. If your program is on CD ROM, try it on a friends computer. If it works you know that your computer is at fault. If the disk is faulty you can send it back and it will be immediately replaced.

  • I can't get the Codex or Decoder in my program to show up. What to do?
    There is some help on the forum should this be a problem. Get the latest info here

  • I need some help with my course, can Chris explain one or two things to me so I can understand them better.
    The chances are Chris won't be available to help with musical issues. The courses have been put together so this shouldn't be an issue. If you are prepared to wait then once in a while try sending an email to Chris. Otherwise posting a question on the
    forum would probably be the quickest way.

  • How do I print the course?
    Look in the top menu of your course program where it says "Print Course". There should be 2 files (3 in the case of Guitar Made Simple) and you can print from these pdf files. You need to have Adobe Acrobat reader installed in order to do this. It is a free download. You can get that program here.

  • I can't copy the course program over to my hard drive from my CD ROM, how can I do that?
    This shouldn't be an issue except that the file size on either program is quite large (especially Guitar Made Simple). Make sure you have enough hard drive space. Also, it is better to drag the files to an area on your "C" drive, not your desktop. If this is still a problem, you can always read the course direct from your CD ROM drive, it will play perfectly well.

  • I can't register the PWYH course, help!
    The windows version only allows a certain amount of registrations. This is a safeguard against piracy. If you have run out of registrations, send a support ticket.

  • I can't login to the forum - help!
    All forum related issues should be addressed to Brian Gorecki. Send him an email and he will be delighted to help if he can.

  • I've become obsessed with the guitar and my wife is now leaving me? Is this normal?
    Yes, perfectly.

    Not found a support answer? Then send a support ticket.

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