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"Chris - I recieved your CD Rom a couple days ago and it's f****** AWESOME! For some reason I had this vision of an impossible and esoteric jazz course that would be way over my head, but it's perfect for the level I'm at. A little challenging and totally in the pocket!" Steve Roberts AKA Rithma, California PWYH v.2.0 student

"This course combines music theory and actual playing of jazz in a brilliant way. Improvisation is a subject which is almost impossible to teach but your approach giving a note-by-note-played example along with Your own "blow" example is an excellent method to get deeper into jazz. My opinion is that this method connects creative (improvisation) and theoretical (harmony, scales..) parts together in a way that advancing as a player is almost inevitable. Kind regards from rainy Finland" Esa - PWYH v.2. course student

Hi Chris, Thank you very much, you are very very awesome, your product and customer care. Couple weeks ago, jazz and it's melody was a dream for me, with your program - I am not look like a beginner in jazz now!. Once again thank you and best regards - I Made Sandiago, Bali, Indonesia

"I've been able to really hone in on melody notes and develop a real sense of articulation against the melody as well as the harmony. I hope I'm making sense, because I'm already starting to hear great music come from my instrument, melodic ideas that sound right on with the harmony and melody. I have quite a ways to go and plan on checking in with you about my progress. Thanks for a great system and for really getting me to hear!!" - Nick Baham - PWYH V.2.0 course student

"I am very pleased with the 'Play What You Hear' course and it really seems to be the missing piece to the guitar jig saw I've been looking for. Thanks to the course I am now building up my confidence around the fretboard and making steady progress. I am deliberately taking my time so I absorb what I am learning. PWYH is structured in such a way that even a relative novice like myself doesn't feel out of their depth. With best wishes Daniel" - PWYH v.2.0 course student
"Hi Chris, I think that PWYH v.2.0 is an excellent resource. It is well thought out and presented and intelligently written. I tend to use the PDF version more than the Web and this feature is, in my opinion, a vast improvement on version 1. Having easy access to the MP3 tracks is also very useful. I was extremely pleased when you put up the zipped downloads on the site! In summary I would say that it's one of the most practical and useful tutorials that I've used. Cheers" Ed Moody - PWYH v.2.0 course student
"Thanks Chris, it's very enjoyable to learn a lot of new techniques in a very easy and practical way that I thought I would never ever get to learn . The CD has greatly improved my understanding of jazz and sight reading and improvising and knowing the fret board in ways I never thought possible as it's the best lessons I ever had in such a short amount of time. The more that I studied and learned it became obvious how over the years it was all there but I needed it to be laid out in the way Play What You Hear is, and what a blessing it's been. It's really given me a big boost of confidence" - yours sincerly Steven Kunoth - PWYH v.2.0 student.

"Dear Chris, I've been working with your course for a few weeks now, and am very pleased with it. It provides a lot of the structure I was looking for, seems comprehensive, and lets me control the pace. The imbedded tunes are a great asset as well. On top of all that, I was stunned at your responsiveness to personal questions by email--a bonus I hadn't anticipated! I had run myself into the ground within the limits of the first three frets and basic folk chords, years ago, to the point where I put the guitar aside for about 20 years. This helped me get back on the horse! Actually, I guess that's more of a country music analogy. I don't know what the equivalent would be for jazz. Back on the axe? All in all I'm having a fine time. The course delivers far beyond the amount I paid for it. I'd recommend it highly!" Thanks Tod Schneider PWYH V.2.0 course student
"Hi Chris, Coming from a rock and pop background, jazz has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Over time, I have bought various jazz instructional videos and books through which I have learned bits and pieces. Since taking your course, I am beginning to see how the genre hangs together and I am confident that, upon completion of your excellent course, I will have a firm grasp of jazz guitar playing. The tab and sound bytes are a valuable addition and I look forward to working my way through to the end. Hoping to make one of your gigs in London but it depends on work commitments. My wife is now a big fan of your music and loves the new album . Also, we have had a number of friends round at the house for drinks etc and often when playing your CDs, they will say "who is that, it's really good" - so your fan base in Scotland is continuing to grow! Thanks for the great course and the music Cheers" Gordon Allan - PWYH v.2.0 course student

"Chris, I am really excited about the course and working my way through. Right now I am thick into flat 9 substitutions. I am alreay beginning to hear things that I did not before. I have been stuck in soloing in one key for 30 years." John Lopez - PWYH v.2.0 course student

"Thanks Chris - I've just purchased the 2.0 upgrade - I thought it would come with just the things missing in the original, but I got the whole course all over again and more...I see you just don't do things half way :) Thanks again for your great source of knowledge and a remarkable tool (much more than a tool actually) for musicians around the world. (I'm myself from Portugal-Europe) Best regards" João Pedro - PWYH v.2.0 course student

" I received Chris Standring's Play 'What You Hear' Jazz Program on the same day that a Guitar Magazine arrived containing a CD with '100 Riffs that every Guitar Player should know'. I looked at both and it became clear to me just how good Chris' program is. The Riff CD enables one to learn a sampling of someone else's riffs and then try to put them together in order to sound good. Chris' program teaches the player how to create music from within and play in a more melodic manner. Most guitar programs are loaded with riffs and guitarists fail to play melodically. I've often listened to, and admired sax players as they tend to be much more melodic. I've yet to see a CD containing the '100 essential riffs that every sax player should know'." - Al Perna - Blade Guitars USA

"The new program is GREAT... I don't have to guess at how something should sound. The exercises are easier when I can hear them. Thanks for updating this extraordinary program... I'm trying, Chris, I'm in there and trying!" - Alan Terry PWYH V.2.0 student

"Chris - You are a great player and teacher as well! Your course keeps me busy for the next few years and is worth every penny. I have been a 'pro' player for 15 years, but have never been that close to playing what I hear". - Milan de Keijzer PWYH v.2.0 course student

"Thanks Chris, I just wanted to tell you that so far your PWYH method is brilliant. It's as if the whole thing has been out of reach to me and I just haven't been able to figure it out. The melodic patterns prove it. They're so easy to create and they're moving me out of the rock-n-roll box I've been stuck in for, I'm embarrassed to say, 30 years". - Michael Fiorillo PWYH v.2.0 course student

"The best jazz solos sound great whatever instrument you play them on. Would your guitar breaks sound good on a piano or a flute or a trumpet? If not, you're probably thinking like a guitarist and not like a musician. In logical and easy to accomplish steps Chris helps you to start seeing your guitar like a canvas and not a cage. Apart from your ears, this is the only resource you'll ever need to master the jazz guitar". - Jon Dalton recording artist

"By far the most innovative and effective ear training program for guitarists I have seen! Simply the best learning method to come along since Jamie Abersold. Chris has hit on something really good and much needed today. Players of my generation learned to play on the bandstand as we were forced to "play what we heard" and if we didn't, we had to get it together pretty darn quick. This course will help speed up that learning process rapidly. I will recommend this course to my students highly". - Ron Eschete Recording artist and educator

"Chris Standring once again shows that those who CAN, teach. Standring teaches with an intuitive flair that is very rare in the glutted world of jazz guitar education". Highly recommended. Chris markets a no-nonsense jazz guitar methodology. A true Pedagogue. An authoritative addition to the many hats of composer, performer, recording artist and jazz musician". - Prof. Richard Smith Chair, Studio/Jazz Guitar Department USC Thornton School of Music

"Chris Standring's instructional C.D.'Play What you hear' is one of the most comprehensive and easy to use instructional C.D.'s on the market today. Whether you are just beginning or already a pro, into jazz or funk, this C.D.has something for everyone. It's so convenient to have the mpegs and the trancripts together on one page! One big step ahead in guitar instuction!! And I've heard them all!! You can pay for expensive private lessons for years or make one small payment and have the same info at your fingertips with "Play what you hear". I highly recommend it." - Allen Hinds
Guitar instructor G.I.T. studio guitarist and touring sideman with Patti Austin, Randy Crawford, BeBe Winans, Ricky Lawsen band.

"With 'Play What You Hear' Chris Standring, an accomplished guitarist, composer, and educator, has created a superb learning experience for the aspiring jazz guitarist. It's both fun to use and easy to comprehend. Highly recommended!" - Mark Stefani
jazz guitarist, composer and educator www.visionmusic.com

"I just want to write and say thanx for your site and the incredible gift of this resource you have created.
When I ordered the course last year I had not played serious in years. It inspired me to get in touch with my guitar again and get to work. Today I am playing every day, have overcome many obstacles and enjoy the thrill of building my skills and making music once again. Mucho mucho!"
Chaz Gross - "Play What You Hear" Course student

"I've been working with the package as often as I could (more often than before). I have begun to understand more of what is happening as I keep at it. It's only now that the rust is coming off my ear and fingers. Thank you for constructing a course such as this. It is indeed one of a kind and the Seasonal Offer was really a benevolent gesture."
Neson - "Play What You Hear
" Course student

"The course is easy to understand and I am starting to understand how Jazz works, and my playing is slowly improving. I think it is a great course and I will devote more time to it. Also I appreciate the email address for asking questions - it is good customer service if someone gets stuck! Bob Stellon "Play What You Hear" course student

"I really like your format and I will be using the course for some time as I continually review and re-learn. If you do come out with more material I would be interested. Please keep me posted" - Steve Moss "Play What You Hear" course student

"This is a great course, thank you so much. I love learning new stuff. It's an ingenious method with the internet as such a great tool. I love that I can hear the music at the push of a button". - Darryl Bouchard "Play What You Hear" course student

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