The Journey Into Complete Jazz
Guitar Mastery Continues...

Hi there,

It's here. It's finally here. The long awaited part two of my hugely successful Play What You Hear jazz guitar program.

It all started back in the year 2000 and I had manuscripts from ten years previously and didn't quite know what to do with them. Then the Internet burst on the scene and everyone seemed to be turning digital. So I followed suit, made a website, got a rather good domain name with and uploaded a program called Play What You Hear.

The first volume of Play What You Hear was intended for guitarists who wanted to jump to the next level. They had been playing in rock bands, dabbled in jazz, had caught the bug but felt like they were locked into all the shapes and patterns they had learned up until that point, in a rock 'n roll sense. So the program filled a huge void for many players. And it still sells today, turning lives around for those guitar players wanting to sky rocket their playing.

But a lot has happened since the year 2000. Technology has whizzed by, Internet speeds have tripled and I personally have learned so much more as a professional recording artist that I can't wait to share with you in a whole new way.

And with that, Play What You Hear Volume Two is now born....

It's not for beginners. But if you have been through any of my previous programs, you will be prepared. These include PWYH Vol 1, Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 1 & Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 2.

Everything you have previously learned will stand you in good stead for what I am about to show you. And we are going deep, very deep......

What You'll See
I have split up the program into three different sections.

Part 1: Melody,
Part 2: Harmony
Part 3: Performances.

Part One: Melody deals with single note soloing exclusively and I talk about how to amass a huge amount of melodic vocabulary over a major chord, a minor chord, a dominant chord and a minor 7th flat five chord. These are the main parental chords that serve as the foundation for all jazz music. Extensions and embellishments can simply be related to one of these four parental chords. And I'm going to show you practical applications of all the examples I give you.

Topics covered:

Shapes & Lines, Endless Melody, The TWO Chord, The FIVE Chord, The ONE Chord, Dominant 7th(b9), Dominant 7th(#9), Dominant 7th(b5), Dominant 7th(#5), Minor 7th(b5) , Practical Application, Target & Approach, Set up & Resolution, Common Tones, Thematic Building Blocks.

Part Two: Harmony deals with harmony and chord melody exclusively. I'm going to show you new harmonic ideas you haven't thought about before. We will talk about triadic harmony, four note chords and moving by step, and in a whole new way. Piano players for years have learned keyboard harmony, where learning inversions of every chord is the norm. Guitar players conversely, have learned to play using chord grips and shapes we have picked up over the years, usually with a root as the lowest note, and whenever a G7 chord is needed for instance, out comes our stock G7 chord grip. If we want to have total fretboard mastery and have the facility that a jazz piano player has, we cannot limit our thinking to this anymore. And I am going to open you up to a whole new way of thinking where the boundaries of harmony are limitless.

Topics covered:

Triads & Stepwise resolution, Triads: Practical Examples , Harmonic Mechanisms, Minor Mechanisms, Practical Application, Harmonizing melodies, Song Intros, Song Endings, More Inversions, 7th chords, 9th chords, 11th chords, 13th chords, Mileage For Your Money, Practical Application, One Step Beyond, Superimposing M7b5-V-I

Part Three: Performances is where much of what I show you is seen in a practical setting. I perform six jazz standard songs, live to video and recorded beautifully in my studio, and every note is transcribed using traditional music notation and TAB. You can print out these pdf transcriptions (and the entire program) in stunning high rez. Songs include:

(Featuring mostly single note soloing)
Recordame, Someday My Prince Will Come, Corcovado

(Featuring mostly chord melody)
Corcovado, Autumn In New York, Stardust, Estaté

Why This program Is Totally Unique

You will not see another jazz guitar program like this anywhere on the market, I guarantee. There are two formats to this program. First is the web application, where you log into the course and work online utilizing high quality video and audio to watch and hear examples.

High Rez pdf Print Out
The second format is the print version. (Both versions are yours when you order the program). You can print the entire program (235 pages) in stunning high resolution. The download is an easy 39 megabyte file and should take a few seconds. Here's an example of the pdf quality. Feel free to print.

Now available - super high rez spiral bound print workbook!

Until recently, this course was 100% online with a printable pdf. I now have a limited amount of these beautiful spiral bound print workbooks I can offer you. Step through to order and there will be an option to add this.

Every single note you see me perform on camera is transcribed right in front of you!

There are 526 video and audio examples that I have personally recorded for the web application. Below every written music example you will see a media box like this.

Play Along

Click on the video button in the center. A video will pop up which you can move around and re-size. (A pop out video means there is more space in the web application to see the music examples).

Chris has created a very clear and well organized Jazz Guitar Course that covers a lot of ground. Melodic improvisation and practical harmonic devises are explained and demonstrated clearly. There are tons of great ideas to use in your own playing and Chris has a very direct no nonsense way of laying it all out. In addition to the great instruction and examples there is a selection of excellent play along tracks to put what you learned into context and practice. If you put in the work and are diligent, this course will be an excellent guide on your journey towards playing Jazz Guitar. Tim Lerch - jazz guitar educator, Seattle, WA

Play Along Tracks
Throughout the program there are tons of play along tracks for you to practice to, most of which come in different tempos so you practice slow at first and build your speed.

Music seems vast, complex and overwhelming, I do know. When I was starting out the question I had on my mind constantly was (and still is) "What do I need to work on?" or "What should I be doing?" Knowing what to do is half the battle and it will be up to you personally to recognize your weaknesses and prioritize what you practice. But what I have tried to present to you in both PWYH volumes is a complete infrastructure of knowledge that you can attack, and if you fully absorb everything, I guarantee you will be a well rounded, first class jazz guitarist.

Chris, I really like the program. Very well thought out and packed with tons of material. I am still working on part 1 and going through the various inversions and sample phrases. It is a lot to absorb and I look forward to putting these into practice in my own playing. Can't wait to get to the harmony and performance sections of the program soon. Thanks for a very good program. I know it will make a big difference in my playing. Best Regards, Todd Gray

235 pdf pages of jazz guitar lessons!
Every example and solo transcribed with traditional notation and TAB!
Every video & audio example performed and recorded by Chris Standring!
Print out music in super high resolution!
Tons of play along tracks to all lessons and songs!
100% money back guarantee!

Bonus Goodies
When you order this jazz guitar program I am giving away two fabulous products. First, my unique and very personal approach to embellishing dominant chords. Practical Altered Dominant Voicings For Jazz Guitar, and second, my 2016 chart topping album TEN.

Bonus #1
Throughout Play What You Hear Volume Two I talk in detail about inversions, whether it be from a single note soloing perspective where we visualize a certain chord inversion on the fretboard to inspire melody, or to play the chord form itself. Inversions are the keys to jazz guitar freedom in my view. So this bonus supplement is an extension of that idea and a subject that is often tricky for many students. This reference book will be all you need to voice any embellished dominant chord and so much more. This little bonus ebook alone is worth its weight in gold!

Bonus #2
In 2016 I had a big hit record in the contemporary jazz world. My tenth solo album, and hence the title, reached #2 on the Billboard US contemporary jazz chart. When you order Play What You Hear Volume 2 I want you to have a digital copy of this album, something I am most proud of. I stepped up my jazz guitar playing in a way I have not done on previous albums and I can't wait for you to hear it. I will send you a URL to download all the music files.

Your "Nothing to Lose And Everything To Gain" Guarantee!

Play jazz guarantee
When you buy Play What You Hear Volume Two, I personally guarantee that your guitar playing will take on a whole new level. Otherwise I will refund you 100%. I make this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, (but naturally skeptical) -- not the 1% who'll take advantage of me.